It seemed the creative folk behind A24’s “The Bling Ring” were even too cool for an actual red carpet, as the clicking of stilettoes on hard linoleum provided an apt effect for the film’s June 4 premiere at the DGA in WeHo.

The event appropriately showcased plenty of fashion and fashionistas, including cast members Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Katie Chang and Gavin Rossdale, with wife Gwen Stefani. Even Paris Hilton, one of the film’s burglary victims, paraded up and down the press area posing for pictures.

Sofia Coppola said the depiction of high fashion was meant to “make (the film) look authentic and seductive.” The writer-director added that the various fashion labels were willing to participate in the film because of her personal relationship with them.

“They trusted me and wanted to support my work, even though I don’t think they were too eager for product placement,” Coppola quipped.

Farmiga admitted that she wasn’t too familiar with the world of fashion before acting in “The Bling Ring,” but enjoyed the costume fittings as a way to get into character.

“It’s fun to try on fancy clothes that look nice and make you feel good,” Farmiga noted.