Bill Clinton almost stole the show from Barbra Streisand on April 22 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center tribute, where the actress-helmer received the Chaplin Award.

In between perfs from Wynton Marsalis and Liza Minnelli, there were speeches by Amy Irving, Blythe Danner, George Segal, Pierce Brosnan and Kris Kristofferson, all of whom reminisced about working with Streisand.

Ben Stiller, after revealing that he was forced to “cold call” Barbra to convince her to star in the Focker franchise, surprised the packed Alice Tully audience when he introduced the 42nd president, who was joined by Hillary Clinton.

After a lengthy standing ovation, Clinton proceeded to get the biggest laughs of the night. Like when he suggested that Stiller and he should get together for a “Meet the Fockers” screening in Chappaqua, where they both own homes, so they could “watch Barbra give sex advice to old people – like me!”

The laughs continued when Clinton said, “Someone told me when I was elected president that politics was show business for ugly people. That was before Hillary got into it.”

When the night’s honoree was finally introduced, Streisand reflected on her film career and the way the industry has perceived her throughout the years.

“Ever since I can remember people have been calling me bossy and opinionated,” she noted. “Maybe that’s because I am. Three cheers for bossy women!”