Animation Domination HD’s Hyperactive Foodie Dinner

Studio hosts open house with dinner prepared by super club Wolvesmouth

Frank Mecelotta/FOX

Think cartoons are only meant to be watched while eating bowls of cereal? Think again.

Animation Domination HD head (and professed food lover) Nick Weidenfeld offered guests a taste of gourmet cooking from chef Craig Thornton’s’s cult super club Wolvesmouth and a glimpse at his studio’s new Fox cartoons Wednesday night at his studio’s Hollywood offices. Between numerous courses that included ribeye cap with cheddar fritters and rhubarb sauce and rabbit meatballs with sopes, guests watched teasers for new shows like “Axe Cop.”

Based on the popular web comic by Ethan Nicolle and his younger brother Malachai (who was just 5 when it was first created), “Axe Cop” features the vocal stylings of Nick OffermanGiancarlo Esposito, and Megan MullallyVincent Kartheiser, who voices characters in both this show and fellow ADHD project “High School, USA,” and fiancee Alexis Bledel attended the second of two dinners that evening. Both shows premiere July 27 on Fox.