On July 10, Sony unspooled its new Adam Sandler movie, “Grown Ups 2,” at Lincoln Square in Gotham, and not only did Sandler show up, he actually talked — to the press.

“GU2” is the star’s first-ever sequel, and it wasn’t always easy. The hardest part?

“Coming up with Shaq’s name in the movie — Officer Fluzzo!” said Sandler, referring, of course, to Shaquille O’Neal. “Shaq’s in my next movie with Drew Barrymore. He’s my best buddy in it.”

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Grown Ups 2’

What about Sandler’s rep as the hardest working man on set?

“I used to be but I’m getting older, I’m calming down,” said the star.

O’Neal’s practically a Sandler groupie. “He’s one of those people you can’t say no to,” said O’Neal. “This is my third Adam Sandler movie and it was a great role” — the basketball legend plays a cop — “I’ve come a long way from ‘Kazaam,’ buddy.”

O’Neal easily related to what was happening on set. “There was a lot of goofing off and I had to put myself into basketball mode — that’s when you have a quarrel with somebody’s who’s greater than you or more experienced than you, you either have to step your game up or go sit on the beach. I didn’t want to embarrass this star-studded cast. Especially when I’m shooting a scene with Salma Hayek, I don’t want to let ’em down. I had to bring out my thespianism.”

As for Hayek, is it hard for her to stay interested in showbiz when she’s based in Paris, married to a billionaire and has so many other things going on?

“You know, if there’s interesting things happening, it’s hard not to be interested. Sometimes you’re not interested in your career — and there’s nothing else going on but there’s nothing else going on in your career either! Just because it’s not a good moment of creativity and you’re not getting offered good things. But when some interesting things are happening, it’s always interesting ,” Hayek said, adding that she starts work in three weeks on a new drama called “Everly.”

“You will see it’s very, very interesting,” she promised.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, who has a small role in “GU2” as a frat boy, posed for photos as his publicist announced, “He’s not doing print interviews.” The former California governor’s teenage son then smiled and walked by. In this spirit of being seen and saying nothing, he was soon joined by Kevin James, Chris Rock, James Spader and Taylor Lautner.