Aaron Sorkin’s introduction of “The Newsroom’s” second season at the July 10 premiere in a way resembled the forecast outside: cloudy, with a chance of rain.

“The email I got from HBO said that Sue Naegle was going to introduce everybody, and then I would come up and set the tone,” Sorkin explained to the crowd at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood. “My tone is straight up fear.”

The dim theater erupted with laughter, knowing Sorkin was referring to the contentious, biting critical reception of the HBO drama’s first run.

Sorkin continued from the podium, “Look, I know the right thing to do is stand aside and let the show begin, but I also know that as soon as I stop talking, the second season of ‘The Newsroom’ will begin, and the starting gun will go off in the thunder dome. So, I’m trying to enjoy this last moment of peace and quiet.”

The quietude did indeed end shortly thereafter, as the first episode of season two played for the showbiz aud. A bustling garden fete set on Paramount’s grounds followed, which included activities like “Newsroom” karaoke, where attendees could test their skills reading news off a Teleprompter while at the ACN desk.

Sorkin sat at a table near the back of the garden, next to a fountain adorned with television sets that read “Newsroom.” Peace and quiet now gone, he still seemed to enjoy himself with family while he caught up with colleagues. And looking up at the night sky, the forecast had changed too: chance of rain dissipated, and the clouds began to clear.