Oscar Isaac on His Diet for ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’: ‘Pasta, Ice Cream and a Lot of Drinking’

The 33-year-old likes to sing, but he prefers acting

Oscar Isaac Inside Llewyn Davis

Oscar Isaac was in a celebratory mood on Tuesday at a Peggy Siegal lunch for “Inside Llewyn Davis,” the Coen Brothers’ musical comedy that just picked up the Gotham Award for best film.

The Manhattan-based prize honoring indie cinema seemed especially special, Isaac said, because “the majority of the actors and the people in the crew lived in New York.”

Joel and Ethan Coen along with co-star John Goodman also attended the gathering at New York’s 21 Club.

The 33-year-old Isaac, who delivers a breakthrough performance as a struggling ’60s folk singer (“it totally changed my life,” he said in his opening remarks to the crowd), packed on extra weight for the role through a diet of “pasta, ice cream and a lot of drinking.”

“I definitely had to look a little more schlumpy,” he said, “someone that’s not taking care of himself.”

Isaac says he considers himself an actor by day, although he belts out melodies on-screen like a professional warbler. “If I go too long without playing the guitar, I get depressed,” he said.