If religious conservatives can say they hear the voice of God, then Jane Lynch felt free to actually be “the voice of God” at the TrevorLive gala June 17 at the Chelsea Piers in Gotham.

The fundraiser, directed by Broadway’s Michael Wilson, benefited the Trevor Project, a crisis intervention org for LGBTQ youth.

Lynch kicked off the evening by enlightening the aud on the similarities between the event’s subject and her current Broadway gig in “Annie.”

“She is the founder of the original ‘It Gets Better’ campaign,” Lynch said of the world’s most famous orphan. “Back then, of course, it was called ‘The Sun Will Come Out’ campaign. We all know that song was clever code for, I don’t have to tell you. All of you knew what she was really singing about.”

Later in the evening, Lynch’s offstage voice of God introduced Bravo’s Andy Cohen as “a man who is just so damn cute you want rip his eyelashes out with your teeth and store canned goods in his dimples in case of global Armageddon.”

Cohen talked about gender identification: “If someone asked me my preferred gender pronouns, I’d say ‘he,’ ‘him’ and ‘girl.’”

Comedian Julie Halston bluntly admitted, “I am not lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning or transgender, but I am coming out tonight as someone who has had a facelift.”

Honoree Cindy McCain recalled being apart of the “No H8” campaign photo shoot, originally showing up only because “hair and makeup was involved.”

Snooki and Jwoww of “The Jersey Shore” also made appearances. After the two messed up reading the TelePrompter, Snooki admitted, “We suck! I don’t drink anymore, but I had two glasses and I don’t know where I am.”

As a new mother, Snooki also expressed her support for the Trevor Project, noting, “I’m praying I have a gay lil’ boy one day, I am.”