The premiere of Lionsgate’s sci-fi actioner “Ender’s Game” at the Chinese on Oct. 28 brought back the past for Harrison Ford.

The actor, who memorably played Han Solo three decades ago in three “Star Wars” films, admitted he’s no longer playing the independent rebel. Rather, he’s now the gruff space flight instructor to Asa Butterfield‘s precocious protagonist.

“Asa is more like Han Solo in this movie than I am,” Ford mused at the afterparty at The Annex at Hollywood and Highland. “I’m more of the intermediary for the audience.”

PHOTOS: Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield at the “Ender’s Game” Premiere and Party

Gigi Pritzker, producer and financer via her Oddlot banner, noted that the young cast required a particularly lengthy shoot since only five hours of shooting could be done each day.

Filmmakers also had to shoot in sequence because of real-life growing pains. “Asa got two inches taller,” she said.

Butterfield also had a tall order acting alongside Ford. Director Gavin Hood said Butterfield’s audition was a revelation.

“I had seen all these kids and they had to be vulnerable yet be strong enough to stand up to Harrison Ford,” he recalled. “None of them could do that until we got Asa. Once that happened, I was able to relax because I knew I could make the film work.”

“Because of all the kids, we locked the script early, so the film looks how I originally expected,” he mused. “When I shot (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) they were changing the script as we shot. Shooting ‘Wolverine’ was really my trial by fire that got me ready for this.”