Kevin Reilly was honored by Grades of Green at the environmental education org’s third annual benefit.

The Fox exec, who’s also Grade’s L.A. adviser, was intro’d by Mindy Kaling, who brought down the house at the Be-Air Bay Club when she said, “I’m actually a little surprised that I was asked to introduce Kevin since I hate the environment. I came in a Hummer and I didn’t carpool because the passenger seats are filled with empty water bottles.”

And that wasn’t all. Kaling quipped, “Reilly has made Fox much greener. In fact, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is now powered by the wind of Gordon Ramsey‘s screaming, and NBC has recycled ‘American Idol’ into ‘The Voice.’ ”

Darren Criss ended the night with a trio of songs, including serenading Kaling with “At Last.”