The aud at the screening of Spike Lee’s latest, “Oldboy,” squirmed about in the AMC Lincoln Square theater from the graphic violence, but the film’s climactic twist moved many to audible discomfort.

“I’ve never been more shocked and surprised by an ending since maybe like ‘The Sixth Sense’” said Elizabeth Olsen, who plays a main character in the FilmDistrict pic. “No one spoiled it for me. No one hinted at it for me. And I got to experience it with just a blank canvas.”

Both Lee’s take on “Oldboy” and Park Chan-wook’s 2003 South Korean version are loosely based on a Japanese manga of the same name. Not surprisingly, there were several comic book and graphic novel fans among the cast.

“I’m a huge comic book fan myself. I’m in and out of comic book stores like twice a month. I read graphic novels. Always have,” said Samuel L. Jackson. “I mean, way back when they started doing things like ‘The Crow,’ I always knew that would be a great movie. There’s so many other things that lend themselves to the cinema. Like ‘100 Bullets’ and ‘Creature’ and all those things that haven’t been done.”

Olsen also confirmed that she’d be playing the Scarlet Witch in the “Avengers” sequel. “My oldest brother has been collecting comic books every week of his life since he was seven. He has to pay for a storage unit that just holds his comic books. And so I feel like he’s growing to be more proud of me as these days have been going on,” she said. “And I think I forgot to tell him that he’s allowed to talk about it now because he’s been holding this secret for a while.”

She added, “I already knew I was his favorite, but I felt more like his favorite.”

The cast celebrated afterwards at a Cinema Society fete at Tao Downtown, where Geoffrey Rush was seen cutting a rug with Elvy Yost.