Kanye West loves  a good controversy. But with his new albumYeezus,” is it possible the musician has decided that the best thing to do is nothing?

The hip-hop artist unveiled the cover art for his forthcoming album on his website Friday and it could not be simpler — just a clear jewel case with a simple red label.

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This image’s release comes after earlier reports that “Yeezus’s” album cover would show the rapper on a cross and a much-buzzed-over “Saturday Night Live” stint where he performed new tracks “Black Skinheads” and “New Slaves.” Kim Kardashian, West’s girlfriend, Instagrammed a slightly more elaborate version of the basic cover last week.

West is no stranger to provocative album art. One of the George Condos paintings for 2010 “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” featured a man (presumably him) in a compromising position with a naked, armless, winged woman.

“Yeezus” is set to drop on June 18.