Kanye West on ‘SNL’: Performs Tracks From New Album ‘Yeezus’

He performed racially themed 'Black Skinheads' and 'New Slaves'

Dana Edelson/NBC

Kanye West may have appeared on “Saturday Night Live” Saturday night, but his performances were no laughing matter.

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The outspoken musician shared two racially-themed songs from his new album, “Yeezus,” on NBC’s latenight sketch comedy:  “Black Skinheads” and “New Slaves.” The first, somberly introduced by host Ben Affleck, starts with graphic videos of angry (presumably) police dogs before morphing into West’s performance in front of a banner reading “Not for Sale.”  In the equally intense “New Slaves,” West chastises the commitment to high-end living while images of discount price tags flash behind him.

This isn’t the first time West has used an NBC stage to push a political message. He famously shared his opinions on the George W. Bush administration during a fund-raiser for Hurricane Katrina relief.

“Yeezus” drops June 18. West broadcast the official music video for “New Slaves” on buildings around the world on Friday. He also worked with Nike on a pair of sneakers, called Air Yezzus — a photo of which his partner, Kim Kardashian dutifully Instagramed on Saturday night.

Watch the videos of West’s performances in this post. Which one do you like better?