Guild of Music Supervisors hands out kudos

'Girls,' 'Magic Mike,' 'Pitch Perfect' among winners

At the third annual Guild of Music Superviors awards ceremony held on the rooftop of the London Hotel in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, the films “Magic Mike,” “Django Unchained,” “Argo” and “Pitch Perfect” were recognized for their soundtrack achievements.

Frankie Pine (“Magic Mike”) was given the award for best supervision in independent movies; Mary Ramos (“Django Unchained”) was honored for movies costing more than $25 million; and Julianne Jordan and Julia Michels (“Pitch Perfect”) were recognized for movies under $25 million. In addition, Angel Mendoza (“Argo”) was awarded for trailer music supervision.

In the TV realm, Manish Ravel and Tom Wolfe (“Girls”) won for scripted comedy/musical; Robin Kaye (“American Idol”) for reality/live television; Thomas Golubic (“Breaking Bad”) in scripted drama; and Evyen Klean and Deva Anderson (“Game Change”) were decorated for longform TV.

The 150-member organization also honored NBC’s Scott McDaniel for best television studio music department and Universal’s Mike Knobloch, Rachel Levy and Angela Leus for best film studio music department. Alex Hackford (“Sounds Scapes”) won for games and JT Griffith (Nike) won for advertising.

The event has grown from four awards handed out in its first year to this year’s dozen kudos.

“Along with the other creative peers like art directors and costume design, these music supervisors design the music landscape that supports the characters, tone and story,” said GMS president Maureen Crowe in a statement.