Disney Concert Hall Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Inspired by Turkey Jerky

Gustavo Dudamel's 'crazy, amazing idea'

Gustavo Dudamel and Frank Gehry
Mathew Imaging

To hear Gustavo Dudamel, the idea of how to celebrate Walt Disney Concert Hall’s 10th anniversary was inspired by turkey jerky.

At Sept. 30’s gala under a tent on Grand Avenue in downtown L.A., Dudamel said he was fed turkey jerky for the first time on a plane ride and it gave him ideas. “This wonderful party for music is a good thing,” he said, praising his orchestra and when there was a smattering of applause, added, “But louder, please.”

Deborah Borda, prexy of the L.A. Phil, said: “Gustavo had a crazy, amazing idea for tonight. We told him it couldn’t be done and then we found a videographer, Netia Jones, who could do it.”

The concert included screens suspended from the ceiling, which showed the development of the hall from sketches to models to the finished building, all set to music played by the L.A. Phil. Interspersed were interviews from architect Frank Gehry as well as newspaper articles that criticized and praised the facility.

The program ranged from music by Bach and Tchaikovsky to tunes from Disney films with solo perfs by cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Gehry himself came up to the podium and pretended to conduct but didn’t speak to the audience, which included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Julie Andrews, John Williams, Albert Brooks, Sherry Lansing and William Friedkin, Michael Eisner, Alan Horn, Jane Fonda, Herbie Hancock, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Cheyenne Jackson, Chris O’Donnell, Emmy Rossum, Jane Seymour and William Shatner.

About $5 million was raised from the gala for the Phil’s education programs.