Daryl Hall Renovates His Career With DIY Spirit

Veteran hitmaker scores by putting up his own money for nitery, TV ventures

"Live from Daryl's House" - Daryl

You’ve got to want it.

And you’ve got to be willing to do the work.

So I’m standing onstage at (New Orleans’) Jazz Fest watching Hall & Oates and it occurs to me the difference between them and all the acts I’d seen previously is they had hits, and the others did not. But what were the odds of Hall & Oates having a hit again?

No one’s as jaded as a baby boomer musician. Believing the good times were stolen from him by the Internet. As if oldsters always continued to top the chart.

So Hall & Oates are going through their hits.

And one thing that’s staggering is it’s not on hard drive. They’re really playing. Remember when kids took lessons in school, practiced, studied? Now everything is instant, if you’re not famous on your first track, cut moments after you picked up your instrument, you figure someone else is to blame.

But Hall & Oates have got a big troupe. They’ve got a full sound. And that’s all a result of those damn hits. Like “Rich Girl,” “Kiss on My List,”
“Private Eyes” …

They go on and on.

And Daryl Hall knows he’s got to play them every night. But he mixes up some of the other songs, and he says “Sara Smile” and “She’s Gone” are truly fresh every performance.

So I’m talking to Daryl in his dressing room …

I’m standing onstage thinking about the unlikelihood of the band having another hit and I realize Daryl Hall found a way out. Via his TV show, “Live From Daryl’s House.”

How did it come about?

Daryl and T-Bone Wolk b.s.’ing. All the good ideas arise when you’re relaxing, in the shower, doing something else.

Unlike most people, Daryl said LET’S DO IT!

And he paid for it himself.

If you think this is common, you know no musicians. Musicians need someone else to pay. Hopefully a label.

But Daryl laid down 40k a show…OF HIS OWN MONEY!

Are you willing to do this?

This is the No. 1 e-mail I get (after LISTEN TO MY MUSIC AND WRITE ABOUT IT!): Where can I find some money?

Look inside your wallet. Wanna steer your own career? Pay for it. And now, more than ever in the modern era, no one else is gonna pay.

Viacom hi-def channel Palladia’s paying Daryl now, but that’s years later.

Yes, today you’ve got to stick it out so long you don’t know whether you’re on the road or in the ditch to ultimately discover if what you’ve got is real.

But it doesn’t stop there … with “Live From Daryl’s House,” with its new acts and food.

Yes, new acts. That’s how Daryl Hall keeps current! Wasn’t his intention, but if you get on the road, it’s the detours, the unexpected, that will pay dividends.

Daryl didn’t have a master plan. He just started.

Which is exactly what you need to do.

So, without a single new hit, without chasing the dragon, Daryl Hall made himself relevant today.

But, there’s more!

He’s got a show coming up on the DIY channel, wherein he restores a historic house.

Daryl’s done a bunch of these. He restored the house you see on “Live From Daryl’s House.”

How does he know how to do it?

His family is made up of musicians and builders.

You’re all about your roots.

And he bought a club across the river in New York. Yes, Daryl Hall is going into the club business!


That’s a terrible business!

But he’s got an experienced partner and he’s got the acts appearing on his TV show and he’s gonna go for it.

In other words, you’ve got to say yes as opposed to no.

And the successful never stop working.

Those hits didn’t come by accident. Daryl Hall dedicated enough time to get there. Do you?

P.S. I spoke with John Oates too. He just cut 18 singles in Nashville, with everyone from Vince Gill to Hot Chelle Rae. There’s no need for an album. And making singles, they can all sound different. And he’s playing Bonnaroo with Jim James. That’s the new game, going on an adventure, not plotting it all out in advance, but just doing.

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