CBS Radio, the country’s third-largest radio broadcast group, is launching Amplify, an artist-targeted label partnership that will spotlight individual artists across its stations, with Justin Timberlake, Blake Shelton and Avicii slated to be the inaugural participants.

The conglom, which includes Jack-FM and Los Angeles’ KROQ among its approximately 125 stations nationwide, hopes to align more closely with record industry cycles through the platform, which will include campaigns tied to album release dates, emerging artist spotlights and giveaways.

“Our goal is to make these really a thread of the product; on-air it’s not going to sound like a spot or a traditional promo,” said Michael Martin, CBS Radio’s VP of CHR programming. “To have a platform where we can take all the pieces — from the digital side, the on-air side, content from the artist — and we can just unleash that on all of our stations simultaneously leading up to the big punch, that’s an impact.”

The Timberlake campaign starts March 16, timed just before the release of his new record, “The 20/20 Experience,” while Shelton’s kicks off the following Saturday.