TCA: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Somewhere Between ‘The Wire’ and ‘Police Squad’

'Barney Miller' an influence

Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will air at 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays beginning Sept. 17. Here’s a liveblog:

Andre Braugher (Capt. Ray Holt): “Am I drawing anything from what happened 20 years ago? A little bit. I wear my cuffs the same way. But this is a different environment – much more a workplace comedy, and the stakes aren’t as high as they were 20 years ago.”

Exec producer Michael Schur: “As big a fan as I am of ‘Police Squad,’ this is not ‘Police Squad.’ … We want it to seem like it’s a real police precinct. It’s hard sometimes because of ‘Police Squad’ and ‘Naked Gun’ not to write those jokes sometimes, but we have a cat-o’-nine tails and whip someone if they do.”

Andy Samberg (Det. Jake Peralta): “It’s important for the show to work – if he’s actually (a good cop), you care. When we first talked about it, he was going to be like McNulty in ‘The Wire,’ except he was doing gags in the office.”

Braugher: “I was here last year with something that wasn’t uplifting – I’m loving this.”

Exec producer Dan Goor: “We didn’t want this to be a case of the week. … When we do do a crime, there will be some high-stakes, murdery stories and there will be silly stories. It goes back to the ‘Police Squad’ question (parodies vs. actual stories).”

Schur: “I loved ‘Barney Miller’ and Dan did too. We read this survey of poilice officers (about) the most realistic depiction of police work on TV, and overwhelmingly they said ‘Barney MIller.’ … That was very inspiring to us when we read that, because that meant you could do a modern comedy set in a police precinct without having to rely on that constant drumbeat of detective work.”

Schur: “We did it race-blind. Our characters names were generic names in the script (originally). This is the cast we wanted.”

Stephanie Beatriz (Det. Rosa Diaz): “It’s awesome … looking across the set and seeing another Latina actress. We’re not doing accents; no one’s doing anything ‘spicy.'”

Goor: “Our intent was to play (Capt. Holt’s) relationship the same way you would play a heterosexual relationship.”

Samberg: “To show up and just be handed 25 great jokes is the best thing that could happen as a comedian.”

Goor: “Andy is a producer on the show, and it’s not just in name only.”

Samberg: “I was not looking to do a TV series at all, but I was a huge fan of ‘Parks’ and I had seen what a tremendous job these guys had done with Amy (Poehler), who is basically my hero and my idol.”

Samberg: “I am told by my family that as an infant they were giving me a bath in the tub, and I relieved myself in the tub, and my sister started laughing hysterically and I (enjoyed it), and my mom said, ‘That’s when we knew.’ … I was literally voted “Class Clown” at Berkeley High School. That’s a big school, too.”

Goor: “In the NYPD, there pretty much are no people over the age of 60 – most people retire in their 40s … but in no way would be be opposed to having cast members of any age. I worked with Abe Vigoda a bunch on ‘Conan,’ and it would be great to have Fish.”

Schur: “This came from ‘The Office’ a little bit, where a feature of a lot of ‘Office’ episodes was Michael Scott saying, ‘Everyone in the conference room.’ … We were sort of looking for a comedy setup in the pilot that we could (go to) a number of times, and doing door duty … seemed a great way to get a lot of funny people. … It’s a great comedy set-up because especially in New York City, you never know who’s going to be behind the door.”

Terry Crews (Sgt. Terry Jeffords): “This is the winning team. This is the best thing I’ve looked at in years.”

Schur: “One of the reasons why Brooklyn is a good choice is it’s a little less immediately iconic than Manhattan. There are places in Brooklyn that look like places in Los Angeles.”

Samberg: “There’s two former detectives who are also around set as we shoot to advise. Before we started shooting the pilot, we all did basic (training with guns). … Never have your finger on the trigger unless you’re intending to fire in that moment, stuff like that.”

Chelsea Peretti (GIna Linetti): “She’s a bit eccentric, and I think these guys know my voice really well. … She’s definitely off in her own world a little bit, in people’s faces a little bit, a little bit of everything.”

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