LAS VEGAS – Red Digital Cinema today announced it has acquired the camera-accessories portion of 3ality Technica’s Element Technica line.

The 2D gear biz will be renamed Red Element. 3ality will retain the Element Technica 3D camera rig line and will probably keep the Technica name.

Red topper Ted Schilowitz, told Variety “Element Technica makes really high-end accessories for the Red and other cameras. So we’ve been good friends with these guys for a very long time. We’ve been working so closely with them, we wanted to up our game on all the stuff that surrounds the camera.”

Schilowitz said the move is part of Red’s maturation as a company. It prepares Red to meet the need of many use-cases for its digital camera line.

3ality chief Steve Schklair said that for his company, the live 3D broadcast business has stalled. He blamed its troubles on the lack of a viable business model in the U.S. “It works well in the U.K for BSkyB. They have an economic model. They’re also one-stop shopping: They own the set-top, they own the rights, and they own the channel.”

Schklair said that he has seen a recent surge of studio tentpoles signing up to shoot in native 3D after a period when 3D conversion seemed to be more popular. Schklair said he could not name any of the tentpoles that have recently enlisted to shoot with 3ality gear but said one had chosen to shoot 3D because its post schedule was too short for conversion, while another is being helmed by a director who has shot 3D before and is comfortable with it.