Al-Jazeera America Hires Former CBS Correspondent MacVicar

Cable-news network also casts about for U.S. journalists for digital operations

Al Jazeera

In the latest in a series of prominent TV-news hires, Al-Jazeera America said Monday it had enlisted Sheila MacVicar,  a veteran foreign correspondent most recently with CBS News, to contribute to “American Tonight,” its daily primetime current-affairs magazine slated to air once the network launches in August.

MacVicar, who has also worked as a foreign correspondent for CNN, ABC News and CBC News, will join previously announced correspondents Adam May, Lori Jane Gliha and Christof Putzel, and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien.

MacVicar has won three Emmy Awards, an Edward R. Murrow award, and a George Foster Peabody Award. She was a founding member of CNN’s post-9/11 award-winning investigative team and has extensive experience living in and reporting from conflict areas and regions with humanitarian crises, including the Balkans, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

“Al-Jazeera America will be a channel committed to in-depth reporting that focuses on the human side of the story rather than on celebrities and statistics,” MacVicar said in a prepared statement. “That’s what I have done throughout my career and something I am truly looking forward to continuing to do here.”

The network may also be looking to increase its reliance on smaller names. In an ad posted on the JimRomenesko.com blog, popular among journalists and media executives, Al-Jazeera America said it was looking “to build a network of freelancers” to report on news for its digital operations. “We are most interested in journalists based away from the main media centers of New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles, especially in the Midwest, Mountain West and the South,” the network said in the advertisement.