‘Wicked’ holiday almost hits $3 mil

Tuner sets record atop bountiful Broadway box office

Broadway threw a doozy of a holiday party, breaking house records up and down the Street and crowding the 2012 Christmas week’s (Dec. 24-30) millionaires’ club with a whopping 19 titles.

Five of those shows topped the $2 million mark, with “Wicked” ($2,947,172) reasserting its supremacy, and setting a Broadway record. An enduringly popular property plus one of the largest theaters on the Rialto added up to a tally that got within spitting distance of $3 million — an impressive showing for a tuner that’ll hit the 10-year mark later this year.

It was also helped by a ninth perf, which most of the week’s millionaires added to the playing sked in order to maximize revenue during the tourist-heavy yuletide sesh.

Scarlett Johansson topliner “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” ($966,948 for eight), threw off plenty of heat, while “Peter and the Starcatcher” ($768,302 for eight) climbed 91%, suggesting show may have a good chance after shifting Off Broadway in spring.

Overall Broadway sales spiked by $11.6 million to $37.4 million for 31 shows on the boards. Attendance rose by some 50,000 to 292,432, filling houses to almost 90% of capacity.

In the wake of the holiday bounty, however, comes the traditional fallow period of January, when a number of shows throw in the towel rather than endure a cold, tourist-deprived winter. “Dead Accounts” and “War Horse” will be joined by “Chaplin” and “Grace,” which exited Jan. 6 alongside holiday offering “Elf.”

The 20 musicals grossed $31,113,025 for 83.1% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 229,044 and an average paid admission of $135.84.

The 11 plays grossed $6,328,472 for 16.9% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 63,388 and an average paid admission of $99.84.