Veteran Broadway group ticket seller Scott Mallalieu has opened the doors at his new group sales firm, GreatWhiteWay.com.

Mallalieu was the prexy of Group Sales Box Office, the Street’s largest legit group sales agency, before taking some time off a couple of years ago. His new shingle is up and running with six staffers employed in a midtown office that specializes in Broadway and Off Broadway theatrical fare.

Mallalieu has owned the domain name GreatWhiteWay.com for years, having picked it up on the off chance he’d have need of it sometime.

Group buyers are a major component of the long-running success of any Broadway production. Corporations, educators and religious groups are among the collective buyers who ferry crowds into Rialto shows; as group minimums have gradually decreased (to about a dozen tickets per group, depending on the seller), social groups have also been on the rise.

The theatrical group sales market is a small but integral part of the New York legit industry, with firms including Group Sales Box Office, Telecharge.com and Broadway.com competing alongside a handful of smaller agencies such as Mallalieu’s.

Mallalieu has been in the legit group sales biz for 30 years. His CV also includes the production of performance presentations to buying groups including the American Bus Assn., the Student Youth Travel Assn. and Travel Industry of America.