Box office sun comes up for ‘Annie’

Show continues to shine after holiday frame

The tail end of the annual holiday sales boost helped keep Broadway B.O. relatively robust in Week 32 (Dec. 31-Jan. 6), although the numbers still took a hit in the wake of the Christmas frame spike.

Although almost every production on the boards saw sales decline — many by hundreds of thousands of dollars — there was still enough revenue coming in to the Main Stem to keep nine shows above the $1 million mark. “Wicked” ($2,106,339) and “The Lion King” ($2,017,921) both stayed above $2 million.

Fall opener “Annie” ($1,252,683) continued to benefit from tourists and family auds looking for all-ages entertainment, coming in just behind “The Book of Mormon” ($1,833,432) and “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” (down more than $1 million, to $1,636,789), while “Evita” ($1,091,836) hung in there in its final month on the boards. Perennial out-of-towner faves “Jersey Boys” ($1,112,848), “The Phantom of the Opera” ($1,052,613 for seven perfs) and “Mary Poppins” ($1,028,946) stayed strong as well.

The variance in the numbers between the two frames was exacerbated by the fact that many shows played nine performances during the Christmas sesh, and the following week played the usual eight (or, in some cases, seven), with the cume also impacted by the prior closings of “A Christmas Story” and “Bring It On.”

Five more shows joined those two in shuttering before the doldrums of January set in, with “War Horse” ($948,043) playing to near-capacity auds in its final week. “Elf” ($696,616) took a predictable tumble in the one week it was scheduled to play after the Christmas holiday, while “Chaplin” ($509,381), “Grace” ($418,788) and “Dead Accounts” ($254,255) bowed out with little B.O. fanfare.

Overall Broadway sales came in at $24.5 million for 29 shows, down $12 million on the previous week.

The 18 musicals grossed $19,589,737 for 80% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 176,469 and an average paid admission of $111.01.

The 11 plays grossed $4,911,528 for 20% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 58,763 and an average paid admission of $83.58.