Stars Turn Survivalists at ‘The Croods’ Premiere

Cage, Reynolds, Stone brave cold for Stone Age toon debut

The cast of The Croods

Survival was also in order March 10 when Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone braved the Gotham cold to help preem their new prehistoric comedy adventure, “The Croods.”

“I had a good deal of survivalist training when I was a kid and it paid off,” Ryan Reynolds said of his 10th grade education. “A year out in the wilderness, living on glaciers, islands and being in kayaks gave me a sense of the world and the environment and how important it is.”

Cage voices caveman Grug in the DreamWorks Animation and Fox pic.

“My character wants his family to stay in a cave and do nothing, which is not living but more like surviving,” said Cage while glancing at wife Alice, also shivering on the red carpet at AMC Loews Lincoln  Square.

For Stone, voicing the role of Eep was an opportunity to express herself on a grand scale.

“It’s the only role I’ve ever had so far where directors have asked me to go bigger instead of tone it down,” Emma Stone said of her cavegirl character Eep. “My parents weren’t half as overprotective as Grug, but I can relate to wanting to take your own path. Every teenager can relate to that at some point.”

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