Bruce Willis: Stunning in White at ‘Red 2’ Premiere

Red 2 premiere Bruce Willis Helen
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The actors of Summit’s “Red 2” were indeed seeing red at the pic’s Westwood premiere July 11 — and it wasn’t just because of the carpet’s color.

“Running in high heel shoes on set makes me see all shades of red because my feet at the end of a day of shooting were spent,” said Catherine Zeta-Jones. “Did men create high-heeled shoes for women? They just hate us that much.”

John Malkovich, on the other hand, wouldn’t admit to what irritated him, so took the high road. “I can’t imagine getting worked up over anything with these people. I like them a lot and I like to come to work everyday.”

Newcomer to the “Red” crew was Byung-hun Lee, who said he’s a big fan of the legendary actors — but also a little jealous.

“I was so upset because at the same time they are amazing actors and they are amazing people. They have everything going for them!” Lee quipped.

Director Dean Parisot never got annoyed or bored on set because of the actors’ curiosity to try new moves.

“We messed around a lot because they all have the ability to be playful and be serious. Everybody was up to playing and trying new stuff, in the context of very dangerous action,” said Parisot.

The helmer exclaimed as he exited the carpet, “I just love Helen Mirren!” who was also in attendance along with star Bruce Willis, who stood out in his all-white Dolce&Gabbana outfit, which contrasted effectively against all that red surrounding him.

The after party was held just down the street at an outdoor venue with laser lights, plush white couches and a live band to supply the music.