Chan-wook Park kept his answers candid at the Feb. 27 New York premiere of his long-awaited English-language debut, “Stoker.”

“Fox Searchlight didn’t pay me a lot of money to direct this film,” the helmer said at the Walter Reade Theater screening. “But I still feel rich having made it, because it’s a project that lends itself to so many different interpretations.”

The pic’s Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode joined the Korean auteur, who was accompanied by a translator, onstage for a brief Q&A following the film. When pressed about the differences in making a movie in America vs. South Korea, Park responded pithily.

“To quote Werner Herzog, it doesn’t matter what country you find yourself in — the way you create babies is the same.”

At the Frieda & Roy Furman Gallery afterparty, Goode said he “fell in love” with being directed by Park via a translator: “It’s really quite peaceful — Korean. I’m quite into it.”