Kirsten Dunst couldn’t really identify with her character in Millennium’s “Upside Down,” a new fantasy film about a forbidden love between two individuals who live in parallel worlds of opposing gravity. Regarding her own romantic involvements here on earth, she opined on the subject at Thursday’s Arclight premiere. “Usually they just come to me,” said the thesp.

“Upside Down,” which was shot three years ago, came to fruition when writer-director Juan Solanas had a singular vision. “I think in images, and I thought of two mountains facing each other, one being upside down, and then the story came,” Solanas said.

Dunst stars opposite Jim Sturgess, who plays Adam to her Eden in the film. When asked if he’s ever had to go leaps and bounds for a loved one, he mused, “Of course! When you fall in love you do some dumb shit.”

After the world premiere, stars mingled at the afterparty at No Vacancy in Hollywood.