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The Cinema Society hosted a screening of “The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug” on Dec. 11, which was attended by Middle-Earth groupies Orlando Bloom (reprising his role as Legolas in the film), Brooke Shields, Tom Cavanagh, John Cameron Mitchell and Patrick Wilson, who told Variety the character he related to the most was Gollum.

“How did I become an elf?” asked Evangeline Lilly, who plays a pointed-ear heroine in the Warner Bros. sequel directed by Peter Jackson. “The great thing about playing an elf is that there is a lot of physical transformation that happens. Putting on the ears, putting on the wig, the way they would accentuate my face with the makeup and costumes.”

Bloom said that his wig was the same one from the “Lord of the Rings” films, but his ears were no match for his co-star’s.

“I chose the largest pair I could get,” Lilly said. “I’m very proud to say I have the largest ears in Middle Earth. They are disposable, so every day they take them off and throw them out.”

She still kept a set from the shoot. “They are kind of gross, in a box at home, this rubbery piece of flesh.”