Sam Raimi was asking the questions following the world preem of Disney’s “Oz: The Great and Powerful” at El Capitan.

“What do people think of the movie? I can’t tell at these premiere screenings,” the helmer said Wednesday night at the Lure afterparty. “When I read the script, I was afraid to get near it because I didn’t want to do anything to diss the original classic.”

Producer Joe Roth was more relaxed, nodding to the star power — and eye candy — of the pic, but admitted there were some hurdles along the way. “We cast four really hot actors, so the problem was they all had other work,” he said. “Rachel Weisz actually shot half of her part in our movie and left and did the entire ‘Bourne’ movie and came back. So we were all holding our breath: I hope she doesn’t break her leg or fall off a motorcycle.”

Michelle Williams, who plays Glinda, said she’s excited for a break between projects, coming off “My Week With Marilyn” and “Oz.” The idea of not having any immediate plans, she said, is “fucking awesome.”

“It’s really hard to run in high heels,” she also quipped. “It’s also really hard to run in high heels when you have a cape.”