Film Review: ’36 Saints’

This confused and confusing pic delivers no thrills, chills or anything remotely surprising.

'36 Saints' Review: Confused and Confusing

Pray for those horror fans who stumble upon “36 Saints,” for they are truly in an hour of need. A maladroit mash-up of gritty New York police procedural, religious-themed slasher and low-budget filmmaking satire, this confused and confusing pic delivers no thrills, chills or anything remotely surprising. Prompt banishment to movie purgatory is assured, though viewers may condemn it straight to somewhere even worse.

A gravely serious introductory voiceover lays out the convoluted plot: Every generation is protected from evil by 36 individuals who “carry the suffering of the world.” If they’re wiped out, it’s apocalypse now. An unfortunate plane crash has whittled the current number to nine, and they inexplicably all reside in Washington Heights. Two New York City cops (Franky G, Jeffrey De Serrano) are warned that an age-old demon is on a killing spree, but their lackluster detective work does little to stem director Eddy Duran’s slapdash pileup of strangely coy kill scenes (each mimicking the demise of the victim’s namesake saint). For whatever reason, obligatory final girl Eve (Britne Oldford) is an aspiring actress trapped in a terrible indie horror movie. Whether that’s meta or moronic isn’t really worth the debate.

Film Review: ’36 Saints’

<p>Reviewed online, West Hollywood, Sept. 6, 2013. MPAA Rating: R. Running time: <strong>82 MIN.</strong></p>

  • Production: <p>An Active Fox release. Produced by Joey Dedio. Executive producer, Richard Pleban. Co-producers, Mareo Mukes, Frances Lozada. Co-executive producers, Mario L. Baeza, Calizto Chinchilla.</p>
  • Crew: <p>Directed by Eddy Duran. Screenplay, Joey Dedio, Jeffrey De Serrano. Camera (color, HD), Isidro Urquia; editor, Jim Mol; music, Adam Chimera; production designer, Tara Pavoni; set decorator, Esther Kim; costume designer, Everett Clark; sound, M. Parker Kozak; re-recording mixer, Eric Chase; stunt coordinator, Manny Siverio; line producer/assistant director, Peter Bobrow; associate producers, Franky G, De Serrano; casting, Sig De Miguel, Stephen Vincent.</p>
  • With: <p>Franky G, Jeffrey De Serrano, Britne Oldford, Donna McKechnie, Tyrone Brown, Matthew Daddario, Aja Naomi King, Chris Riggi, Alesandra Assante, Jaime Tirelli, Laverne Cox.</p>