Jonathan Levine was looking very alive following the preem of Summit’s zombie pic “Warm Bodies” at the ArcLight.

“I loved shooting the big action shots,” the helmer said Jan. 29 at the Colony afterparty. “I felt like James Fucking Cameron. It was amazing: Wow, I get this whole baseball stadium and this whole airport?”

Cocktail in hand, Levine admitted to being a little hesitant about filming a movie with a zombie protag — a character that can only talk within his own head, really. But once thesps Rob Corddry and Nicholas Hoult started reading the lines at Levine’s house — or grunting them — he said he was sold: “Oh, dude, I need more of this shit. This is awesome!”

“The hardest scenes to film were anything with Rob, because he’d always make me start laughing,” echoed Hoult. “But I did enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to learn a lot of lines.”