WME has upped seven agents to Partner at the tenpercentery.

Phil D’Amecourt, Dorian Karchmar, Stacy Mark, Brad Slater, Brent Smith, Tom Wellington and Warren Zavala were named Partner at the agency.

Zavala recently left CAA for WME and reps such talent as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tobey Maguire and Jane Levy. D’Amecourt is a lit agent whose clients include Neill Blomkamp and Wally Pfister and Karchmar is a book agent who reps such clients as Guy Fieri and Amoor Towles.

Slater along with Zavala is the other talent agent to be named partner and reps such clients as Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Costner. Wellington is a TV lit agent whose list includes Jonah Nolan and “Burn Notice” scribe Matt Nix.

Smith and Mark are personal appearance agents with Mark repping Daniel Tosh and Smith’s clients including Frank Ocean and Snoop Dogg.