Sony is ramping up “My Wife Hates Your Wife,” tapping the writing team of Jonathan Keasey and Brant Boivin to come on board the long-in-development comedy at Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.

Sony set the project up at Overbrook in 2006, with partners Smith and James Lassiter producing and Gina Wendkos writing. Dany Boon, the director of French hit “Welcome to the Sticks,” is directing and will oversee the pass with the writers.

Story revolves around two couples who do everything together until the ladies feud. The guys must then find ways to continue their now-illicit friendship. Smith is not attached to star.

Last year, Keasey and Boivin set up the comedy “Interpol” with Overbrook, which is centered on desk jockey Interpol agents who turn their research over to seasoned law enforcement agents who do the actual arresting of criminals.

Keasey and Bovin are repped by Paradigm.