Three years after shooting “Breakfast with Curtis” on a shoestring, Laura Colella received $50,000 for winning Film Independent’s Find Your Audience Award at the Spirit Awards nominees Saturday brunch at Boa.

“I basically made this film with my neighbors as my actors,” she said. “I’m not supposed to say what the budget is but it’s a lot less than this award.”

The grant, designed to help filmmakers build an aud for their movie, was one of four presented by Jeremy Renner and Salma Hayek. The Piaget Producers Awards went to Mynette Louie for “Stones in the Sun”; the Truer Than Fiction Award for an emerging doc director went to Peter Nicks for “The Waiting Room”; and the Someone to Watch Award went to Adam Leon for “Gimme the Loot.”

Film Independent chair Mary Sweeney opened the festivities by advising the Spirit nominees to enjoy being in the spotlight during the run-up to the Feb. 23 Spirit Awards.

“Don’t worry about what to wear at the Spirit Awards,” she added.