After helping “The Avengers” save the world this past summer, Tony Stark is back and ready for action in Disney and Marvel’s “Iron Man 3.”

Set for release on May 3, the 3D tentpole reunites Robert Downey Jr. with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” director/writer Shane Black.

Downey Jr. will face popular comicbook nemesis The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) in the film, which, from the looks of the trailer, appears to have a darker, more personal narrative than its Iron Man predecessors.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle reprise their roles in IM3, as will director/actor Jon Favreau, who helmed the past two Iron Man features but left the franchise to develop Disney’s “Magic Kingdom.” Newcomers Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall also star.

“Iron Man 3,” shot in 3D, is exec produced by Dan Mintz and Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige.