Everyone into the crowdfunding pool! With everyone from James Franco to Zach Braff trying to fund their projects via sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Brendan Fraser has also launched a crowdfunded movie project, only this one’s a parody for the Onion. The “Mummy” star ham-fistedly stumps for fans to contribute to his own crowdfunded project in the vein of “Veronica Mars” with clumsy tweets like “Kickstarter how to.” The Onion’s spoof “Starfix” celebrity show explains that Fraser posted a message on his blog pleading, “I would also like a movie please,” but without listing any details about the project. Fraser even took a full-page ad in Variety for the project, according to the parody  — in the now-defunct Daily Variety with the familiar green logo.

Brendan Fraser: ‘I Would Like To Apply For One Kickstarter, Please’