Six interactive docu projects from creatives including Gael Garcia Bernal have been awarded a total of $400,000 from the Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund.

The nonprofit TFI and the Tribeca Film Festival, the fest with which TFI is loosely affiliated, have both positioned themselves as champions of transmedia and multiplatform works in recent years. It’s the third year TFI has handed out coin from its new media fund to support such work, and the 2013 fest was the first to incorporate interactive projects, grouped under the subheading Storyscapes, as part of the festival’s main slate of titles.

Bernal teams with Marc Silver and Lina Srivastava on “Who is Dayani Cristal?,” a cross-platform look at poverty, immigration and human rights all pegged on the discovery of an unidentified body in Arizona.

Also among the projects snagging funds are “Chasing the Sun,” Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simon’s interactive online tale of the Arctic; Nonny de la Pena’s “Use of Force Protocol,” an immersive investigation of a border patrol killing; and Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster’s “American Promise,” about two African boys in a Gotham private school.

“The Yes Men Are Revolting,” a film and a digital platform that encourages activism (from a team that includes Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, Laura Nix, Mary Notari, The Public Society and Glocal), and “This is My Backyard (Logs of War),” about an environmentalist trying to start a sustainable logging industry in Liberia (by Anjali Nayar, Jude Mwenda, Andrew Hill, Daniel Burwen and Leonardo Bonanni) round out the list of the fund’s 2013 recipients.

Each project, chosen from a pool of 285 submissions, receives between $50,000 and $100,000 each.