Tom Hanks Deals With Shooting in Real Time for ‘Captain Phillips’

Star not concerned with leading vs. supporting awards placement for 'Phillips,' 'Saving Mr. Banks.'

Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tom Hanks has his sea legs, after being marooned in 2000’s “Cast Away.” But it wasn’t sea sickness that took its toll on the star of Sony’s upcoming “Captain Phillips.”

“It’s a story that operates in real time,” Hanks said at the film’s L.A. premiere Sept. 30 at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Wilshire. “So you had to pick up exactly where you left off every day. That was a bitch.”

Still, director Paul Greengrass said the mood on set stayed pretty light throughout.

“It was very hard work physically,” Greengrass said, “but in a way, it was quite good fun because there was good camaraderie.”

Greengrass, who received an Oscar nomination for directing 2006’s “United 93,” said he has a fascination with telling ripped-from-the-headlines-like stories.

“If you look at the world, it’s filled with exciting stories,” he said. “The world’s out there being made right in front of our eyes.”

Hanks, meanwhile, plays two real-life characters this year in “Captain Philips” and Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks,” in which he portrays Walt Disney as the mogul fights to get “Mary Poppins” made. Hanks, who is generating early awards buzz for both performances, said he’s not concerned with his placement in the leading vs. supporting categories for either role.

“That will all spell itself out over time,” Hanks said.