10 Film Directors Who Have Directed Commercials

'The Wolverine' director James Mangold isn't the only film director to shill for advertisers

Hollywood Directors Commercials

Commercials offer directors quick jobs between films, and some filmmakers even view them as a challenge: How to tell a full story in a matter of seconds. “The Wolverine” helmer James Mangold proved this when he directed a 2009 spot for Fidelity. But he’s far from being the only one who’s gone down that road. Here are some recent examples.

James Mangold – Fidelity
Two years after he directed 2007’s Russell Crowe-Christian Bale starrer “3:10 to Yuma,” Mangold went behind the camera to promote investment company Fidelity relaunched advertising and marketing campaign. “I liked the appealing combination of human feelings, characters and effects,” Mangold said at the time. “It’s a metaphor for people’s financial anxieties. It’s a smart campaign, not preachy, that addresses financial concerns and connects with people. Not your typical financial spot.”

Darren Aronofsky – Kohl’s
After “Black Swan,” Aronofsky directed a decidedly different kind of dancing project. This 2012 Kohl’s commercial features Jennifer Lopez in four different outfit changes and singing a flashy number called “I’ve Got the Music in Me.” Aronofsky is currently in post-production on Bible epic “Noah” for Paramount.