Telefilm Canada has signed up to promote Vancouver-based CineCoup Film Accelerator’s million-dollar indie filmmaking competition.

Telefilm, the cultural agency devoted to supporting the Canadian audiovisual industry, will back CineCoup’s reality-style competition through publicity, cross-promotions and marketing.

The contest awards the winning indie filmmaking team with a million dollars and guarantees theatrical distribution in Canada.

CineCoup has already chosen ten teams to submit a two-minute video to the company’s social media platform.

Fans will vote on their favorites, and the top five projects will advance to the Banff Festival, where one project will be awarded the prize and guaranteed theatrical release in Canada.

Venture is the latest push to find new talent by Telefilm, which provides funds and programs to local filmmakers and talent.

“We’re constantly innovating in our quest to find and encourage emerging talent,” said Carolle Brabant, Telefilm’s executive director. “But to do this, we rely on partners who share our passion for cinema and who want to push the boundaries of development, production, distribution and marketing.”