Sundance darling “Afternoon Delight,” comedian Jill Soloway’s directorial debut, screened at ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles Aug. 19, and though attendees were well-dressed, the talk was all about talking off clothes.

Kathryn Hahn stars as a middle-aged women who befriends a young stripper and sex worker (Juno Temple) and does her best to save her.

“They call those guys who come in and try to get them off the pole ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe,'” said Soloway, who wrote the script as well as directed. “I got that from strippers!”

Soloway said she talked to “lots of strippers and lots of sex workers,” some of whom were at the screening and after-party, to get the script just right. And she did a bit of hands-on research of her own.

“I’ve gotten few lap dances, but the first time I ever got one in private, while the dancer was stripping for me, I was thinking, ‘Oh, she’s in love with me! I need to get her out of here!’” she admitted. “I didn’t recognize really that what strippers are doing is not just turning someone on, but they really kind of replicate the feeling of intimacy.”

The movie also stars “How I Met Your Mother’s” Josh Radnor as Hahn’s husband and Jane Lynch as the twisted therapist. Soloway said Lynch was the first to get on board, but how did Hahn get her role?

“I begged and borrowed and stole to get involved,” she joked.

She  identified with the confused thirtysomething, who finds herself in a serious rut. Hahn even lent her own Honda Odyssey to the movie, saying it was because “it was the biggest car that we could get a camera into.”

“I still blare the Pixies as loud as I can and I’m still so in touch with the young person in me,” Hahn said. “Rachel’s just kind of on cruise control. And she needs a bomb to wake up, in the form of the delicious cupcake that is Juno Temple.”

Temple arrived to the screening in a fairy-like white dress, and Soloway joked that the innocent dress summed up Temple perfectly.

At the after-party, Soloway, Hahn, Radnor and Temple mingled with those on the film, guests and other actors, including Hahn’s “Step Brothers” co-star Adam Scott, at a crowded gathering at Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood.