If social media chatter is any good indicator — which it sometimes is — Warner Bros. may have made the right move bumping up “The Hangover Part III” to May 23, a day before Universal launches its similarly targeted “Fast and Furious 6.”

According to social-media listening firm Salorix, “Fast and Furious 6” generated 32,393 related tweets last weekend, representing 34% of the total tweets from the top five most-anticipated summer movies, second only to “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which had 38,806 (or 40%). Meanwhile, “Hangover Part III” ranked fourth with 8,125 tweets, which reps just 8% of the total volume.

The report analyzed more than one million tweets posted May 3-5.

The decision to move up “Hangover III” was meant to give the film a head start over “Fast and Furious 6,” though success for either film over Memorial Day weekend will depend on audience reaction.

Other findings from the report were less surprising, however. “Man of Steel,” which opens June 14, ranked third among the summer’s highest-tweeted films; “After Earth,” bowing May 31,  was fifth overall.

“The Great Gatsby,” which bows nationwide Friday, generated considerable buzz on Twitter surrounding the pic’s soundtrack, as well as from star Leonardo DiCaprio. “Gatsby” generated 56,540 total tweets last weekend.