The need for speed dominated the Aug. 26 premiere of Warner Bros. “Getaway” with a black Shelby Cobra parked outside the Regency in Westwood Village.

“What is more American than a Shelby Cobra?” mused director Courtney Solomon during the post-screening bash at the W Hotel. “For me, it was no contest. It’s a very durable car, which is what we needed.”

The 88 -day shoot, starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, took place mostly in Sofia, Bulgaria, and used 130 cars with only one injury. The film contains an astounding 6,100 edits — four times more than normal — with about 60% devoted to car chases.

“This was a stuntman’s dream come true,” Solomon admitted.

Producer Allan Zeman said he came on board to back the film for a simple reason: “The popularity of NASCAR is worldwide.”

Screenwriters Gregg Maxwell Parker and Sean Finegan concocted the script from the European underground racing fad, highlighted by the Ghost Rider Getaway races in Stockholm.

“It was amazing to watch the stuntmen choreograph the crashes so that everything was totally safe — even though a lot of the streets in Sofia are 20 feet wide,” Finegan recalled.

However, he admitted that it was jarring to watch the Cobra take its hits during filming. “They only build something like 12 a year.”

Parker allowed that his background of growing up in Nebraska did not involve any serious racing. “I learned to drive in a Chevy Monte Carlo, which is the world’s most difficult car to park,” he said.