Ron Burgundy Ads Move The Metal, According to Chrylser

Chrysler reports increased sales of Durango SUV, the car being hyped by Will Ferrell character in current campaign

Ron Burgundy Ads Move The Metal, According Chrylser

Fictional news anchorman Ron Burgundy is a man of many talents: He can play great jazz flute, throw down in a donnybrook and, of course, deliver the news like no one else. As it turns out, he’s also a pretty good car salesman.

Chrysler  reported an 11%  increase in vehicle sales last month, according to  Bloomberg Businessweek, with sales of its Durango SUV – the vehicle at the center of a new ad campaign featuring actor Will Ferrell as Burgundy – up an impressive 59%.  The commercials, part of a co-promotion effort between Chrysler and Viacom’s Paramount studio, launched October 5.

In the campaign, Ferrell was given extensive creative control, producing 70 spots in all, according to Automotive News.

The ads were created jointly by  independent ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and FunnyorDie.com,, the humor-video web site backed by Ferrell.