Austria’s Red Bull Media House will unspool McConkey at Cannes, a portrait of U.S. extreme skiing and BASE-jumping icon Shane McConkey, who died in an accident in 2009.

Pic is RBMH’s move away from straight-to-vid or VOD films aimed at core sports communities into features targeting more mainstream audiences.

To that end, Red Bull’s sports movies are becoming more sophisticated, according to Sophokles Tasioulis, RBMH head of cinema and international theatrical sales.

“Rather like Asif Kapadia’s Senna, this is not one action scene after another, it’s character-driven, the portrait of a unique, very passionate person,” Tasioulis said.

RBMH will also screen Cerro Torre at a buyer-invitation only event. Pic follows Austrian David Lama’s first free ascent of Cerro Torre, Patagonia’s needle mountain.

Both pics form part of RBMH’s three-pronged production strategy, Tasioulis said.

This sees RBMH making features with global theatrical release potential; local movies that play in select territories — Tasioulus reckons Torre could open in Italy, Spain and Germany; and non-theatrical action movies featuring, for example, the greatest surf stunts ever, released in all windows simultaneously.

RBMH announced its first fiction feature, Twist, a heist movie meshing action sports and street culture, at the Berlin Film Festival in February.