Ubiquity Studios is moving into feature films with a thriller to be set and filmed on the historic ocean liner The Queen Mary.

Ubiquity, based in Irvine, Calif., will finance development and production of the Queen Mary project. Exclusive Media will oversee international sales for the film.

Brett Tomberlin of Ubiquity Studios will produce along with Andrew Trapani and Brian Gilbert of Nine/8 Entertainment. The trio is also producing the previously announced “Winchester Mystery House” film with Exclusive Media.

Gary Dauberman will write the screenplay for the film, inspired by the history of the Queen Mary. His credits include “Crawlspace” for New Line, “Burst” for Mandate and “Hellfest” for CBS Films.

“We’re calling it ‘The Shining’ on a ship,” said Ubiquity CEO Chris Carmichael, who will exec produce along with Connie Jordan.

Shooting will start in the spring aboard the ship in Long Beach, Calif., as well as at Ubiquity’s studio in Irvine.

Carmichael said he has wanted to make a movie about the Queen Mary ever since he saw the ship heading for Long Beach in 1967.

“I was surfing in Laguna Beach in 1967 when I saw it go by and I was stunned at its enormity,” he recalled. “From her voyages from 1930’s as a luxury liner and a war ship, to her current place as a top hotel and tourist attraction, the Queen Mary promises to be a great subject for a dramatic thriller.”

The Queen Mary first sailed in 1936 and was the Cunard Line’s flagship until being commissioned as an allied troop transport following the outbreak of World War II. It was nicknamed “The Grey Ghost” for its ability to avoid Nazi U-Boats and Adolf Hitler offered $250,000 to anyone who could sink it.

In 1942, the ocean liner jackknifed her own escort ship but was unable to rescue 239 soldiers in the escort due to the presence of U-Boats. In that same year, a 95-foot wave nearly capsized the Queen Mary while 16,000 soldiers were aboard — which inspired the movie “The Poseidon Adventure,” which was shot on the Queen Mary in 1971.

The Queen Mary made 1,000 ocean crossings before being retired in 1967.

Ubiquity’s headquarters includes 30,000 square feet of digital media production facilities. Carmichael said that Ubiquity will finance films in the $5 million range.

The deal for Ubiquity Studios was assembled by Dan Black of Greenberg Traurig; for Queen Mary LLC, Marc Simon of Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP; for IDW, Alexa Pagonas of Michael Black Management; and for Nine/8 Entertainment, Allison Binder of Stone Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson & Binder. Gary Dauberman is represented by ICM Partners.