More nominees have been announced for the 50th annual ICG Publicists Guild Awards.

For the Les Mason Lifetime Achievement Award, contenders are independent publicist Hilary Clark, unit publicist Sheryl Main, PMKBNC veep Heidi Schaeffer, Weissman/Markovitz Communications founder and chairman Murray Weisman and unit publicist Deborah Wuliger.

Press award nominees are Alex Ben Block of the Hollywood Reporter, Mike Fleming and Pete Hammond of Deadline, Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly, David Karger of Fandango and Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood.

Philip Berk (Australia), Jean Cummings (Japan), Ramzi Malouki (Tunisia and Tahiti), Elisabeth Sereda (Austria), Lynn Tso (Taiwan) and James White (U.K.) have been nommed for the international media award.

And for excellence in unit still photography, the nominees are Claire Folger, Dale Robinette, Jamie Trueblood, Merle Wallace, Wilson Webb and Barry Wetcher in features and Richard Foreman Jr., Matt Kennedy, Justin Lubin, Suzanne Tenner, Robert Voets and Michael Yarish in television.

Those kudos and others will be presented at the Publicists Guilds annual luncheon Feb. 22 at the Beverly Hilton.