Pierce Brosnan has been busy — and may have a new franchise in “November Man,” which is in post-production. It’s one of 10 titles that the Solution Entertainment Group is offering for foreign sales at the American Film Market, where Solution will unveil a new promo to buyers.

Brosnan’s production company Irish DreamTime announced the project last year at Cannes as the launch title in a multipicture financing and distribution deal with Solution. “November Man” centers on an ex-CIA operative who is brought back in on a personal mission and finds himself pitted against his former pupil in an operation involving high-level CIA officials and the Russian president-elect.

“After Pierce had finished with Bond, he wanted to do something edgier and darker, and Dino Conti, a longtime producer at MGM, had always urged me to get ‘November Man,’ ” said Beau St. Clair, Brosnan’s longtime producing partner.

The development money was raised last year through Solution, Myles Nestel and Lisa Wilson’s sales-financing banner. Das Films funded development and The Solution secured the financing.

Brosnan is working on another project for sale via Solution at AFM — the romancer “How to Make Love Like an Englishman.”

“It’s set in L.A., so we shot it in L.A.,” St. Clair said. “We could have saved money if we had shot in New Orleans or Wilmington, but it would not have looked like L.A. So we thought it would be better to work with a lean, lean budget and shoot here instead of trying to fake it in some place like Vancouver.”

St. Clair said the budget was $30 million when the project was first developed in 2006. “It’s a lot less now,” she added.

Brosnan is also shooting action-thriller “The Coup” with the Dowdle brothers in Thailand and then “I.T.,” in which he’ll play a successful book publisher pitted against a young disgruntled I.T. consultant.