While it is still waiting to officially date “Wolf of Wall Street,” Paramount Pictures and Skydance have made some changes to its calendar moving “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” from its Christmas Day slot to Jan. 17, 2014.

Pic stars Chris Pine and Kevin Costner and is also being released in Imax.

If director Martin Scorsese gets his final cut of “Wolf of Wall Street” done in time, it’s likely that the Christmas Day slot is where what the studio would choose. While a decision has not been made, this may be a preliminary move to make room for the film. That said, Par has not shied away from having multiple Christmas releases in the past.

The studio will release “Labor Day” limited on Christmas Day, followed by a nationwide expansion sometime in January.

The Martin Luther King release date for “Jack Ryan” is meant to take advantage of few holiday platform releases expanding throughout early 2014.

Par is determined to make the Christmas Day release of “Wolf” work, though studio topper Brad Grey has yet to see a recent cut of the film, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Ultimately, Scorsese will determine when “Wolf of Wall Street” is released depending on when he finishes the film, which could be within the next week or two.