Oscilloscope Laboratories is getting married to “Breakup at a Wedding,” acquiring North American rights to Victor Quinaz’s debut feature and setting a June 18 release date for VOD and digital platforms.

The movie is produced by Zachary Quinto, Corey Moosa, and Neal Dodson via their Before The Door Pictures and Anonymous Content. The film was a co-production with Scott Robinson’s Robinson Films.

Oscilloscope said it will hold event screenings and a college tour leading up to the release

Quinaz portrays an ambitious wedding videographer recording the wedding of a couple portrayed by Alison Fyhrie and Philip Quinaz (the director’s real-life younger brother) when the bride gets cold feet and decides to break up. But rather than face the embarrassment of calling off the ceremony, the bride suggests they proceed with a sham wedding.

Victor Quinaz co-wrote with his wife Anna Martemucci and Phillip Quinaz.