Though Russell Crow’s role is considered small in the film, Warner Bros. seems to be trying to capitalize on his star power in the marketing for the upcoming Superman pic “Man of Steel.”

The first in an expected series of character-driven posters was released today showcasing Crowe as Superman’s biological father, Jor-El. In almost every trailer from the earliest teaser, where there is hardly any footage but has Crowe narrating, to the latest full one, Crowe has been front and center.

Ever since Variety first reported his casting as Jor-El, sources have told Variety that the role itself is not that large and is almost on the cameo level. But Warners had always been going for a big name to cast in that role. Though the cast is a large ensemble that includes Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne, Crowe is still the most recognizable name–all the reason more why Warners would want him at the front of this campaign.

Of course, by the looks of a recent tweet by Crowe, even he thinks Cavill’s star power is about to skyrocket.